Fiber Optics Instruments / Components

Anritus Anritsu: Optical Spectrum Analyzers, Tunable Laser Sources; EDFA Test Systems; Power Meters; OTDR's and  BERTS (Bit Error Rate Test).
Eastern OptX  began designing and developing fiber optic delay lines for the RF and Microwave communities in 1998. The inherent low loss of fiber optic cable made it possible to initially offer Delay Lines for Radar Target Simulation. Our Microwave Delay Line Technology has since found applications in EW, ECM,ECCM, Altimeter Calibration, Radio Range Emulation, and even some Multi-path Fading applications. Products range from a single delay of RF signals up to 3 GHz, through 8 discreet GPIB and Ethernet programmable delays for signals above 40 GHz. We have delivered systems with time delays in excess of 1000 us (>80 radar miles).
MOOG Protokraft designs and manufactures high-speed optoelectronic components and subsystems for use in harsh environment networking equipment applications. The company provides optoelectronic components and subsystems for short and intermediate reach (1 meter to 20 kilometer) harsh environment optical networks, including optical network switches, optical enterprise and storage area networks (SAN' s) and tactical optical access networks.  These active optical subsystems integrate the functions of optical transceivers into the natural structure of a passive optical connector