Anritus Vector Network Analyzers; Power Meters; Spectrum Analyzers; Hand-held RF Test Equipment; Bit Error Rate Testers (BERTS); Optical Test Equipment; Signal Generators; Wireless Test Solutions (cellular, Bluetooth, WiMax, 802.X); Precision Microwave Components.
JFW Industries Fixed and Programmable attenuators; Terminations and Loads; Power Splitters and Dividers; RF Matrices and Custom Modules; RF Switches.
Microwave / Fiber Optic Delay Line Solutions.
Digital and Analog Signal Generators; Digital and Analog Spectrum Analyzers; PXI RF Test Systems; Scalar Analyzers; Radio Test Sets; Avionics Test Equipment; Phase Noise Test Systems; Fast Switching Synthesizers; Multi-function RF Modules.
Lorch High Performance RF and Microwave Filters; Cavity, Ceramic, Discrete, Waveguide and Tunable;Mixers; Phase Shifters.
Micro-Coax specializes in RF microwave solutions with high performance products, such as UTiFLEX®, Aracor®, UTiFORM®, MFlex and Semi-Rigid cables serving the Military Aerospace Telecom and Test / Measurement markets.  Providing excellent customer service with a strong technical background makes Micro-Coax a leader in the industry.

MOOG Protokraft designs and manufactures high-speed optoelectronic components and subsystems for use in harsh environment networking equipment applications. The company provides optoelectronic components and subsystems for short and intermediate reach (1 meter to 20 kilometer) harsh environment optical networks, including optical network switches, optical enterprise and storage area networks (SAN' s) and tactical optical access networks.  These active optical subsystems integrate the functions of optical transceivers into the natural structure of a passive optical connector
Precision frequency and timing references for Space, Defense and Avionics
Noise eXtended Technologies has the goal of serving the test and Phase noise measurement market, in general, and the embedded systems (OEM) market segment, in particular, by providing high performance instrumentation products at affordable prices.
VTI Instruments Inc COTS Solutions for Custom Microwave Requirements:  High-density microwave interfaces  (DC-40GHz) based on LXI Class A/Ethernet; standard, OEM and turnkey design solutions.
Form Factor Probe Stations for Substrates, Photonics, Circuit Boards and Wafers (up to 300mm)  Probes: Coaxial, Lightwave, Needle-DC to 200GHz; MW Wafer Probe Stations
Atlanta Micro High Performance RF/Microwave solutions offering reduced size, weight and power. Products include filters, amplifiers, attenuators, switches, splitters/couplers, switched filter banks and tuners.
Lorch EMC/RF Labs
RF Components: Fixed attenuators, Resistors, Thermopad TVA, Diamond RF Resisitives. RF cables assemblies for test, space, and military applications