Northern Technical Sales

RF / Microwave Lines

Vector Network Analyzers; Power Meters; Spectrum Analyzers; Hand-held RF Test Equipment; Bit Error Rate Testers (BERTs); Optical Test Equipment; Signal Generators; Wireless Test Solutions (cellular, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi); Precision Microwave components.

A leading provider of wafer probes and probe systems (Up to 300mm, Up to mmW). Manual and automated probe stations used for characterization, modeling, reliability, and design de-bug.

High quality, phase stable RF/Microwave cable assemblies for test and measurement and OEM applications. Flexible RF cables as a replacement for semi-rigid cables.

Fixed and Programmable Attenuators;
RF SwitchFixed and Programmable Attenuators;
Fixed and Programmable Attenuators; RF Switches; Terminations and Loads; Automated Switch and Attenuator Systems; Power Dividers.

Signal Control Products; Isolators/Circulators; Frequency Converters/Multipliers; RF Switches and Matrices; Synthesizers.

Portable instruments for measuring and evaluating electromagnetic fields & RF Safety applications. DC Field Measurements, Spectrum Analysis/FFT up to 10MHz, Broadband Measurements up to 60GHz.

RF Filters; Resistive Components; RF Cable Assemblies; Attenuators; Equalizers; Terminations; Optical Transceivers: Embedded and VPX.

Low Noise Amplifiers. Low Frequency Amplifiers. Broadband Amplifiers. High Frequency Amplifiers. Millimeter Amplifiers. Pulse Amplifiers.

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